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matlab/stats/linux nerd. proud, sleepless, new parent. HCSSiM alum. faking it as a quantitative analyst at a small quant fund in San Francisco.

comment How to clean a burnt cast iron pot?
I buy the 'Red Devil' dry lye, at the hardware store. The approved usage of same is for plumbing. You are probably remembering the 'acid-to-water' advice from chem lab (antoine.frostburg.edu/chem/senese/101/safety/faq/…). For solid lye, wear eye and hand protection, keep it away from kids and household pets. I do not remember the proper 'dosage', but a too basic solution will not harm the pans (it will pose a hazard). Over time, the solution will become less basic, and less efficacious. HTH, and be careful!
comment What do I do with mildly fermented maple syrup?
just like regular maple syrup, but a little bit like wine. We keep it in an airtight bottle with one of those ceramic stoppers. When we open the bottle, there is some pressure released: it pops. So I believe there is some fermentation going on. This is in the fridge, so it cannot be going wild.
comment gas range hack for greater power output: does it work?
I'll take the answer as 'home stove is different; will not work'
comment How to clean a burnt cast iron pot?
rescuing Griswold skillets from thrift stores was my former hobby...
comment Is it possible to freeze chocolate covered ants?
I had ants in my shelves for months and months. no problem there.
comment shelf life of kim chee
oops. I had searched for 'kim chee', not 'kimchi'. thanks for spotting the dupe!