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comment How do I stop my fire alarm from going off when I cook?
Yes, I was a volunteer for 10 years and around the fire service all my life due to my dad who was one as well.
comment How do I safely deep fry a turkey?
The day before or the morning of, I put the turkey in a clean plastic bag to keep it dry. Fill the pot with enough water to cover the turkey plus a little extra to fill the cavities (once the turkey is out of the bag). Remove and dry the turkey. Mark the pot on the outside. Dump and dry the pot. Fill the pot to the mark with the oil. This makes sure you do not have too much oil in the pot which can also lead to boil over.
comment Can I make cakes in a tagine?
Dutch oven recipes are an excellent idea as they will account for the higher humidity level in the Tagine than normal cake done in an oven.
comment Reducing the saltiness of commercially prepared seasoning
Ok, so why not take those packets and add them to your own mix? That would thin out the sodium and the supplied packets would not go to waste. It might also help to retain the original flavor some.
comment What to do with a Sizzler?
The key for the Pittsburg steak is as you mentioned the caramelization. The seasoning includes a little sugar to help that along.
comment Measuring glucose syrup without wasting it
I have never seen a need to line the plunger. The tight fit cleans as it goes. If you are good with your measurements, you can pull out and add one ingredient, pull again and add a second. Add a few and then push them all into the bowl at the same time. Its actually kind of fun.
comment How can I make a carob coating?
Most baking, cooking, or health food type stores will have them. I think I even saw some in the craft stores like Michael's or JoAnn Fabric that have candy making stuff. Of you can order online. They are made up of palm kernel oil and soy lecithin.
comment Making juice from fresh fruit
Its not a claim. I have done the research, in a lab, using the test equipment. Take a look at an orange and cut one open. Where is the juice stored? Juice companies for years have used enzymes to aid in the cell wall destruction to maximize the yield of juice production. Even something as simple as using citric acid (yes lemon juice) can help with some juice extraction. Want to learn more? Try the experiments yourself. As most of us do not have the enzymes laying around, mechanical separation is the next best thing.
comment Combining hot melted sugar with cold liquid ingredients
The flour actually acts like a thickener. Think about when you make gravy. Cooking it allows the starches to expand and hold the liquid when it is added. Mixing it before hand makes sure that it is evenly integrated with the sugar. Once the flour expands it makes it harder to get the sugar evenly distributed.