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comment Slow cooked chicken
There's no need to add any liquid. Whenever I slow cook a whole chicken (along with vegetables), there's always plenty of liquid in the cooker when the chicken is taken out.
comment Why microwaves do not kill harmful bacteria as well as boiling?
Maybe the professor meant spores? Or maybe poisons which have already been released into the food by the bacteria?
comment Smoke point and toxicity
If you're using olive oil, your family can only benefit from this. You're certainly not going to give them cancer from cold olive oil! Actually, if the oil is smoking, then there may well be 'free radicals' within the oil which can be dangerous, so you should cook at a lower temperature. The oil exists only as a heat transfer medium: if you stir your eggs, you will get scrambled eggs, and if you don't, you'll get an omelette.
comment Cooking a chicken and peppers in a crockpot instead of sauteeing, how much water should I add?
@jcolebrand: would you like to accept my answer?
comment Cooking a chicken and peppers in a crockpot instead of sauteeing, how much water should I add?
It doesn't matter; the water comes from the vegetables and from the chicken itself. Believe me!
comment What are the advantages and disadvantages of various sugars/substitutes?
Xylitol and Erythritol belong to the group of "sugar alcohols" which are similar (but slightly different) to "regular" sugars such as glucose. They certainly have a calorific content! Xylitol is often found in chewing gum - aside from the cooling effect mentioned above, it also helps heal dental caries.
comment Cleaning oil sprayer pump
I was assuming that the sprayer was made of glass, not plastic, although these days plastics are less susceptible to damage from acetone or similar.
comment Can onion based recipes such as bolognese be cooked in slow cooker?
@Paul Lassiter: One can make very tasty dishes with a minimum of effort as well as using cheaper cuts of meat. One uses less electricity and one doesn't heat the house in the summer (by not using the oven). Your mileage may vary, of course. But a slow cooker is not a panacea: certain cooking techniques will not work in a slow cooker.
comment Removing the skin from chicken before or after cooking?
The first boil removes extraneous fat and possible dirt.
comment What should I do if power goes out while I am baking cake/cookies?
And the fridge will also have lost power, thus getting warmer....
comment Grapefruit recipe substitute to avoid medicine interaction?
General health warning: anyone taking statins (which lower cholesterol) should not eat grapefruit. Statins are amongst the most prescribed drugs in the western world so this warning is fairly general. It's not just people who have had kidney transplants that have to be careful.
comment About Farm Chicken
I think that the OP is referring to 'battery chickens'.
comment Why add breadcrumbs to meatballs?
Unfortunately this doesn't help if one cooks in a kosher kitchen - mixing milk and meat is forbidden. Would water "activate the starch in the bread to form a gel"?
comment Marinades: Water vs Oil
The mustard acts as an emulsifier, allowing water based and oil based components to mix.
comment Can I increase my iron intake by eating food cooked with cast iron?
I doubt whether iron obtained in this manner would be biologically active. As someone who has suffered several times from anaemia, it's not just a question of 'eating more iron': the iron has to be in the correct form, it has to be absorbed into the body (milk and tea prevent absorbtion), etc.
comment Sponge That Keeps Vegetables Fresh?
Translated into English: the top says "Platform for vegetables and fruit". Below says "For maintaining the freshness of fruit and vegetables in a refrigerator drawer, size 1 X 30 X 47 mm". There's no mention of the word "sponge", nor what the "platform" is made of. Maybe there's some information on the other side.
comment how long can i microwave microwaveable plastic containers for?
What do you need to microwave for 40 minutes? The longest I ever use the microwave is about 15 minutes for vegetables. Apart from that, I imagine that a microwave safe container will be ok - if I put the same container in the microwave for 3 minutes every working day for a month, then the container will have been inside for 75 minutes.
comment Is food with hair in it (or food which had hair in it) safe to eat?
Really off-topic but there was an episode of the British TV series "Casualty" which featured a young girl complaining of stomach pain. It turned out that she had eaten her hair, which had formed a ball in the stomach.
comment What can replace vegetable butter?
Actually, parve means neither meat nor milk. Such items can be then used in kosher kitchen with either meat or milk products without problem. I doubt whether one would be allowed to sell parve butter as butter is by definition a milk product, and parve means that it's not a milk product.
comment Roasting sirloin which has already been cut into slices
All's well that ends well: my wife went back to the supermarket, complained, cried a little - and was rewarded with the butcher taking back the sliced meat and promising to give us a bigger joint. Thanks to all who answered.