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Don't ask.

comment Is there a different fruit very similar to oranges?
I know which fruit you are talking about, I don't know its name tho, I'll find out. Maybe it is this one : en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pomelo
comment How is boiled rice different from steamed?
She's right about the boiling thing, I've seen some of my elders do it when I was a kid. They used a different rice variety which is almost pink in colour. I think the standard polished rice that you get now won't be able to handle such boiling.
comment Which Jamie Oliver Cookbook
Did anyone notice how in a majority of his cooking videos he always recommends adding a bit of lemon zest >_<
comment Are there any differences between “baby” vegetables and their “regular” counterparts
Sure @ErikP you can edit your contribution, or if it is lot of content, you can post it as your own answer :)
comment How to make kidney beans tender?
6-8 hours of pre-soaking in water, Though I wouldn't compromise on the cooking time, as some red kidney beans contains toxins if under-cooked.
comment Papadum sauces - making my own
Some more additions to the the green chutney can be: grated coconut paste (for thickening) and green chilies. By the way, chutney is excellent with grilled kebabs etc.
comment How to melt butter most conveniently?
totally agree with @sharptooth it sets the pan on fire that is difficult to extinguish and the fume is dense like a thick fog and a smelly one. If you have to melt the butter do it on a low flame , slowly. use an oven with a timer if youre forgetful like me.
comment I love “Mastering the Art of French Cooking”. Can someone recommend similar books for other cuisines?
We need books like MtAoFC because it does a great job explaining the intricacies so guys please post books that you have tried out recipes from for the sake of credibility.
comment How long will uncooked chicken keep in the fridge?
yeah white meat is not good after 3 days, freezing causes dehydration of the meat and cellular breakdown and its no longer tender/juicy (its different for red meat though it should be aged for 14 to 18 days at the right temp before its consumed)
comment Cleaning a Sieve
what about us lazy guys ? there must be a hack hrmm...
comment Preparation Techniques for Tilapia Filets
+1 for the reference to Goan cuisine, its the most nomalicious when it comes to fish
comment How do I get the burnt aroma off burnt food?
yep this is right, to avoid burning use a thick bottom vessel and cook over a low flame for a longer period. A good trick if you dont have a thick bottom pan is to stack up a frying pan between the vessel and the flame +1