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Yeah, screw this place and everything about it. Any forum that BANS users for posting questions like this:


It's deleted now that I put this up here, something they refused to do earlier... Go figure. That's what happens when you make twits angry I guess.

These sites simply doesn't deserve my participation. I knew the mods here were absurdly self-indulgent but this just takes the cake. It's really too bad, but life is way to short to frustrate myself with stupid people I'm not forced to deal with.

Contact me on my forum if you've got any question about something I've said in these sites, I will not be returning here.

Gist of question (it won't let me post the entire thing):

So I'm starting to doubt the future of C++ and wonder if some of the new features actually made it better or just made it so that more people will be baffled by more code and more managers will have more things to say you can't ever use in a project...

So what is the future here? Is C++ getting better or worse? Is there something out there that can take its place, which has the same power but doesn't give the average developer a stroke?