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I enjoy writing games to improve my coding skills. I also make Facebook games as a hobby.

comment How to prevent the chicken breasts from drying out
I would consider braised chicken breast, e.g. cacciatore, pretty respectable for "melt in your mouth". It's not as good as dark meat of course, but it holds its own.
comment Meringue seems to fail at piping stage
Thanks! I did read the other questions, and I made sure the eggs, hardware, ingredient ratios and such were correct. But I hadn't seen that about the sugar. The picture helps a lot too.
comment How can I stop fish from sticking to a stainless steel pan?
I searched for several terms and only found the first of those three. It doesn't seem to talk specifically about sticking problems.
comment How do I stop my brownies from rising?
If you're using an electric mixer with a wire whisk attachment, maybe switch to a bread attachment?
comment Nonstick pans blistering after dishwasher?
It's pretty new, around 6 months. But it's not top of the line by any means. Not cheap either.
comment When should I use convection when baking?
drying out may actually be because of the airflow. As water evaporates the local humidity increases. Air circulation brings lower humidity air over the food and can take up more water, as well as picking up water molecules on the surface as it passes. It's kind of like wind burn.