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I'm a professional chef, cooking teacher, recipe developer, and food writer. As director and chef of a personal enrichment cooking school in Savannah, GA (www.700kitchen.com) I teach hands-on personal enrichment classes to those who are wanting to enhance their knowledge, skill, and experience in the kitchen. I also travel around the country to offer hands-on and demonstration cooking classes in other venues that bring in guest chefs.

My website and blog "Beyond the Recipe - Cooking Between the Lines" is all about my teaching philosophy which is to get people look beyond the recipe and understand the background that makes a recipe succcessful and/or unique and interesting. A recipe is really nothing more than a group of techniques paired with a group of ingredients. Whether it be scientific, historical, cultural, and sentimental...every recipe has a story to tell and something to teach!

Please let me know if I can be of assistance and be sure to check out my website at: www.chefdarin.com

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