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comment Cumin-flavored vodka
That's a great idea. I wouldn't have thought about it. Thanks!
comment Ingredients: Danish local specials
Huge thanks for the answer. I can hardly express how good it was. Danish names helped with shopping. And despite we have similar things in Poland, where I live, these things come in different flavors, e.g. I haven't eaten herrings marinated the ways Danish folk use. All in all, great answer.
comment Doner kebab aroma
I don't look for a recipe. I don't look for alternative way to cook the meat without vertical grill. I look for a way to reproduce aroma and I don't know whether it takes specific spices or the way the meet is cooked or whatever. I thought it was clearly stated in the question.
comment Doner kebab aroma
I don't ask about recipe itself, as it takes meat, vegetables and pita (or however the bread is called). The thing which interests me here is just aroma. I've tried to prepare something like doner kebab at home and the taste was, say, close enough but there was nothing close to the aroma I know from boots at the street and I wish to know what the secret is.
comment How to get “burned” effect on cheesecake?
The cake was all warm and indeed it had crispy on the outside, yet not really burned by overheating or something.
comment Coriander substitute?
I meant seeds. In the recipe it was used to rub the meat before cooking along with the cumin, garlic and all spice.
comment How to prepare mutton so it's not tough?
It worked :) A bit less than 3 hours was enough for such a small piece of meat - it was tender indeed. Thanks!
comment How to prepare mutton so it's not tough?
Thanks. I'm not really trying to make doner kebab, definitely not it terms of texture. Just wanted to be close in terms of taste. Btw: would such a long cooking work even if I have small piece of mutton, say 0,75kg? Wouldn't the meat become dry?