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I enjoy applying my education, experience, and creativity toward software research, architecture, or engineering. However, at this point in my career, I'd be very open to shifting to a more managerial role, e.g., Engineering Lead, V.P., etc.

I have decades worth of experience on various Unix systems, the last several of which have been Mac OS X: everything from Bash and Perl scripting to advanced I/O, multithreading, and network programming in C, C++, or Java. Also have experience with Objective-C, Cocoa, and LLVM.

I also developed and maintain a finite state automata compiler and runtime system (CHSM) that has been used by major corporations and research institutions for managing complex real-time reactive systems including phone networks and particle physics experiments.

Specialties: C++, Java, and Perl class architecture and development; computer programming languages; compilers; finite state automata; document indexing & searching; XML and JSON processing; image formats and metadata processing.

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