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comment Cooking Potatoes
@rackandboneman Sorry. I wasn't being too clear. If there isn't enough liquid, or if the liquid is too thick for convection to happen, the food may not cook thoroughly/properly because the heat from the walls cannot be distributed.
comment How to avoid cooked pasta soaking up sauce when stored?
That may be, but it still works fixes the problem. :)
comment Is cornstarch a less effective thickener when used with gelatin?
@Aaronut -- You have a very good point. When I said "boiling the heck out of them", I meant that they simmered (gently) for a REALLY LONG time (several hours, probably more than originally estimated). It wasn't a full rolling (violent) boil. At the end, I strained all the bits out and set it in the fridge overnight. The following day, I skimmed the fat off the top. I was left with a really solid (when cold) lump of turkey stock (or Turkey "Squeezin's" as we call them in my house).
comment Is cornstarch a less effective thickener when used with gelatin?
@rfusca - I guess I forgot to mention that I'm gluten-free, so a roux won't cut it in my house
comment What cookbooks do you always come back to?
The Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book is probably my favorite cookbook ever. I started reading it when I was ten, and it was my "cooking teacher". Once I got started cooking, I used it less and less, but it's still one of my reference books. I consult it from time to time for favorite recipes or ideas.
comment What are some good gluten-free food alternatives?
Thanks for the note. I forgot to mention that one.
comment Peeling and dicing potato before boiling it
Appologies for starting the firestorm...I DID mean a clean, old toothbrush. Yes, I do keep them around for scrubbing veggies, BUT 1. the toothbrush gets cleaned/sanitized first 2. the veggies are then boiled. Since we were talking about cooking potatoes with skin ON, and later removing it, I didn't think it was such a terrible thing. Oops. :)
comment Cake with an impenetrable crust?
How long did the cake sit out? Could it have gotten stale? I've noticed that some cakes will get hard as rocks, if allowed to go stale. How long did you mix the batter? I wonder if you worked too much gluten into the mix. Wheat Flour + liquid + lots of mixing/moving/aggitation = gluten. Gluten= hard/chewy baked goods (awesome for bread, bad for cakes)
comment What type of noodle and sauce is used to making Thai Drunken Noodles?
Ah! Good to know that they are NOT the same. Apologies for the error. When I was trying to develope my pad thai sauce, many of the recipes I ran across called for rice vinegar, but i really thought it threw the taste off. Since Lime is often served with pad thai, I thought it might be a good acid to use. About the Tamarind...really? Most of the better recipes that I found on line referenced using it, and now I find that it's key to a good sauce.