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I am chemist working in the field of computational drug design and development, especially chemoinformatics, QSAR and structural bioinformatics. Currently working in the join project between Structural Chemogenomics Laboratory and Chemoinformatics Laboratory (University of Strasbourg, Strasbourg, France). Other professional intersts: data mining, systems pharmacology, computational ADMETox.

comment Frozen sea squirts: any suggests on cleaning/preparing?
still ) the unfrozen one have yellow/brown liquid... and smell is intense...
comment Name of the tea with tiny green leaves
Thank's a lot! I took a look at the Japanese green teas and yep it should be one of the high-grade green teas - Shincha Matcha somehow fits the description.
comment Name of the tea with tiny green leaves
Thank's a lot! Color was light-green, no sweetness, aftertaste was not very strong, don't remember it. That's all, sorry. I was amazed by that tea because - I saw for the first time tea with such tiny leaves, green color, little bit grassy and biter taste. And yes, I think this type of tea is more Japan style, Nepalese and Bhutan was mentioned because the person who give me the sample of that tea was very often in that countries (but that fact can unconnected with the tea).