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comment Is it safe to use the same cooking utensils for raw and cooked meat?
I have some concerns regarding splashing oil in my kitchen at home using a single spatula to flip--I had used two spatulas, to lay it down gently, despite what I wrote in my original question. The same concern applies when I'm placing the meat down with my fingers, of course--placing it down too gently = burning my hand with sizzling oil, and plopping it down not gently enough = splashing oil onto the countertop. I'll figure out the single spatula flip, if I can, haha.
comment Cooking too long, or too hot?
Thanks for the advice. So I was right in my assumption. After I made that post, I actually tried the other half of the same batch of cookies, at 25 below the recommended temperature. Still burned, but it definitely got BETTER. The centers were more thoroughly cooked, and the outer edges/bottoms were less burned. I was also able to let it cook longer (closer to the recommended time) before it looked ready and before it got TOO burnt. So I'll try -50 then. Thanks for the tip Bob!