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I'm a software engineer with a passion for programming. My professional background includes mobile device and embedded programming (Android, Blackberry, J2ME, Motorola 68k processors), as well a variety of other desktop platforms (Java, MFC C++, Netbeans, etc), with a little experience with web-programming environments thrown in for good measure (HTML, CSS, Javascript, Spring, MySql, etc).

One of my hobby projects is developing PopTrayU (http://poptrayu.sourceforge.net), an open source email notifier written in Delphi. I had been using the original PopTray for about 10 years, and decided to learn enough Delphi to fix a couple pet bugs, since no one else seemed to have the knowledge, time, and inclination to do it themselves, and there hadn't been a new version released in over 7 years. Once I'd fixed that one bug, there was one more little thing I thought I could improve, and wouldn't it be fun if I could make this aspect of the application a little more customizable? And then there's that other bug...well, someday I'll get them all fixed, maybe :)

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