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comment What should I look for in a cooking pan for Risotto?
This is the best thing for risotto. It provides a nice steady heat with minimal fussing. Also perfect for gumbo and stews. The Le Creuset french oven pot is the "gold standard."
comment Why do so many dessert/biscuit recipes have salt in them?
Yes, salt (in the right amount) does tweak other flavors. Chocolate is another ingredient that is really helped by salt-- that is why chocolate-covered pretzels are so delicious.
comment Does water that's been left to sit and then reboiled taste different from fresh water boiled once?
The effect of losing dissolved oxygen is also well known in tea-making. Thoroughly boiling the water very quickly extracts the dissolved oxygen. For this reason, enthusiasts of green and oolong tea never bring the water to a full, rolling boil in the kettle. Instead, they wait until the water in the kettle makes a distinctive rumbling sound prior to actually boiling.
comment Why do drinks drunk from a glass instead of a bottle taste differently?
I think you mean to ask: "Why does cola sipped from a glass taste better than cola sipped from a can or bottle?"