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comment Why was our garlic butter made in France, much nicer than garlic butter in England?
The greengrocers near where I live (North London) sells many types of garlic, none of which are labelled as "normal", so the French may have sold you a different variety than you bought here.
comment Can you beat eggs inside their own shell?
Since the usual way to beat an egg is with a whisk, rather than a spoon, I would imagine the shaking method would lack the necessary dynamics for a proper beating.
comment How to measure a cup of “solid” ingredient?
While you can fill a cup with broccoli, it does seem a strange tactic given all the spaces there will be between the pieces, the result will vary wildly depending on the type and trim, as Chris says. It's questions like this that make me wonder why some people use cups at all...
comment Is having an extending blade near the knife handle a serious risk when cutting food?
For the knife shown, the biggest advantage to me is that my knuckles can fit below the handle while the blade is on the chopping board. Makes it much easier and faster to chop.