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comment Can any harm come of eating watermelon seeds?
See gardenguides.com/…. Other than apples and cherries -"Peach and apricot pits contain amygdalin in more dangerous amounts, but those seeds are too large to swallow accidentally. And you'd have to pry open the pit to get at the cyanide-bearing kernel in the first place."
comment What are toffee potatoes?
The NZ Herald article is the one I read. It sounds to me that they are similar to toffee apples except that potatoes are used?
comment In baking, can yoghurt replace butter?
Not really - wondering if anyone else has tried this with excellent results and also interested in the ratio.
comment Is there a problem with defrosting meat on the counter?
Yup - I've been leaving the meat on the counter overnight for years, putting back in the fridge the next morning and then cooking it that night and I'll still typing away!
comment How do you cook a steak like those found in fine steakhouses?
Just to note that all the beef and lamb in NZ is grass fed. Doesn't make it easier to get prime cuts though!
comment Is it safe to eat raw eggs?
There are different figures available but to quote one example: "Salmonella contamination in eggs doesn't happen much - one or two eggs out of every 40,000, according to the CDC and FDA. On average, that means one egg every day for 100 years before you got sick."
comment Is it safe to eat raw fish?
As a general rule, freshwater fish species are not safe to eat raw, because they often contain parasites which can only be eliminated by cooking.
comment Should you add some salt to flour when baking?
Yup - masking the taste of raw flour was what I understood to be the main reason. Which begs the question of why it's not standard in all recipes?
comment How do you sharpen a serrated knife?
Thanks, but I'm in NZ. They only seem to service US and Canada.