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I am a small business owner that has rediscovered a love of programming. 20 years ago I was a moderately skilled programmer, after a 20 year break I am, once again, a newbie.

My programming background was in the 80's in BASIC, 6502/8088 Assy and a spattering of PASCAL, FORTRAN etc.. I had no exposure whatsoever to OOP until I decided to learn C# on my own about a year ago. I do have a background in electronics including digital design and theory, again from the 80s.

My goal is to build a series of small aps to enable employees to work more efficiently and to make certain tasks easier for them. Unfortunately I am finding doing so, while enjoyable, a bit frustrating in a vacuum and so I turn to Stack Overflow as my mentor :-)

comment Keeping ripe pears for canning later
I had to go the refridgerator route as the other option would have taken too long (I am in the middle of a software conversion)
comment How can I make my Ice Cream “creamier”
Also make sure your churn container is not too full or else, as the volume increases with freezing, it will bind the beater and not fully churn.
comment How to make softer scones?
We use sour cream or cream instead of Milk ever since we tried it when we were out of milk and they were MUCH better.
comment Do I need to adjust recipes when using hard water
I am not sure, I tested it with a home test and it only gave the general harness. Based on our area I would guess primarily calcium.
comment What is the best way to melt chocolate?
The 2nd dirty pot had water and perhaps a spot of chocolate on in it, the 1st with chocolate cleans so easily since chocolate melts at below 120 degrees so I would not be concerned with this. Upvoted because double boiler every day!!!
comment How do you cook grass-fed beef so it is not tough?
I raise my own Grass fed beef (2 pairs so far) and it should not be tough. I would suspect that it was not aged properly or was an older animal. The only issue I have found so far is that connective tissues, but not the fat, tend to be a bit stronger (Gamey?) than store bought beef.