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Hello internet person,

I'm a freelance hacker and lifelong learner interested in finding efficient and practical solutions to life's many problems. I'm also interested in good food, meaningful conversations, traveling, and new experiences.

I joined StackOverflow (and now StackExchange) hoping to restore some sort of karmic balance by trying to give back to the community at least a tiny fraction of what I've received (and am still receiving) from it. Additionally, sometimes I need answers that Google hasn't learned yet. ;)


comment Fastest Way To Cook Bottom Round Roast
@djmadscribbler I'll try this next time. I do have a 6qt pressure cooker that I've used in the past for roasts. However, Joe's answer was what I was looking for this time. Thanks.
comment Fastest Way To Cook Bottom Round Roast
Thank you, this helped immensely. I ended up using the meat for tacos and they were delicious. Your advice about cutting with and then against the grain was key.