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Top new questions this week:

How do they get double cream to have a higher fat content than heavy cream?

I have always wondered how farmers in Britain make it so their cows produce cream with 48% butterfat whereas farmers in the USA only get their cows to produce cream with 36% butterfat. What is done ...

milk cream dairy  
user avatar asked by Luke Score of 10
user avatar answered by FuzzyChef Score of 36

What does it mean for a liquid to "crack"?

I'm looking at a recipe for condensed milk, and a couple of the steps say the following: Do not stir once the mix starts to simmer otherwise it can crack and crystalize. if there are sugary bits ...

milk language  
user avatar asked by pacoverflow Score of 6
user avatar answered by Sneftel Score of 10

What is thr main additive that makes spices stick to potato chip?

While experimenting with homemade potato chips, I found a lot of recipes that suggest using lime or oil as a coating for applying spices. But i noticed that many supermarket chips seem to have a ...

chips additives  
user avatar asked by Chiphead Score of 4
user avatar answered by rumtscho Score of 10

Why did my twice-baked potatoes turn to goo?

I made twice-baked potatoes, using the NYT recipe*, but without measuring it precisely. The potato filling was creamy and mounded up to twice each potato half's height when I put it in the oven. By ...

potatoes dairy  
user avatar asked by FuzzyChef Score of 2
user avatar answered by GdD Score of 3

Is there an official name for the pasta in between carbonara and cacio e pepe?

Traditionally, the four pastas of Rome are carbonara, cacio e pepe, alla gricia, and amatriciana. You get alla gricia from a cacio e pepe by adding guanciale (pork jowl), and adding egg on top of that ...

pasta italian-cuisine traditional  
user avatar asked by John Doe Score of 2
user avatar answered by MORaHo Score of 4

Oat yogurt is lacking the right creamy structure

I've been on a journey of trying to develop a recipe for home made oat yoghurt. my current recipe is as follows: blend 80g rolled oats with 400g water heat to 80c and add N1 amylase let it rest for ...

yogurt oat-milk  
user avatar asked by Davy Landman Score of 1
user avatar answered by rumtscho Score of 4

How to best fry burger patties/ cutlets?

I have a long standing question: If I prepare burger patties or similar cutlets and I follow the 10 min 70°C rule (which obviously is motivated by hygienic reasons) then the patties inevitable become ...

food-safety meat frying  
user avatar asked by Arnold Müller Score of 1
user avatar answered by eps Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to cook a pork sirloin roast?

I picked up a pork sirloin roast yesterday, it's a little over three pounds. I've never cooked one of these before and I am not sure what to do. My seasoning plan is salt, pepper, thyme, and ...

pork roast  
user avatar asked by Josh Stodola Score of 9
user avatar answered by Sean Hart Score of 15

My tomato sauce is very watery

It has flavor, but its consistency is too thin. Will letting sit over medium low heat evaporate enough to increase its density or is this useless? Would bringing it to a boil help more. I don't want ...

sauce tomatoes spaghetti reduction  
user avatar asked by Matt Score of 10
user avatar answered by Michael Natkin Score of 19

How to defrost frozen pizza dough quickly?

Obviously, best practice for defrosting it to leave the pizza dough on the counter or in the fridge overnight, then let it rise before cooking it. However, I've got company coming tonight, and I ...

dough pizza defrosting  
user avatar asked by Goodbye Stack Exchange Score of 18
user avatar answered by Wulfhart Score of 16

In a tomato sauce recipe, how can I cut the acidity?

It seems that every time I make a tomato sauce for pasta, the sauce is a little bit too acid for my taste. I've tried using sugar or sodium bicarbonate, but I'm not satisfied with the results.

sauce pasta tomatoes italian-cuisine  
user avatar asked by Curry Score of 68
user avatar answered by Christina Tenney Score of 53

Substitution for egg to bind hamburger mince

My wife is having pregnancy cravings for (homemade) hamburgers, but has developed a prenatal allergy / intolerance to egg. What is a possible replacement for egg to stop a hamburger pattie from ...

substitutions eggs hamburgers  
user avatar asked by johnc Score of 9
user avatar answered by K2so Score of 10

Can soft-boiled eggs be reboiled and turned into hard-boiled eggs?

I recently boiled some eggs, then put them in the fridge. When I went to use them, they were not boiled all the way through. Can I reboil them or should I throw them away?

user avatar asked by Nancy Score of 12
user avatar answered by SAJ14SAJ Score of 8

How can I keep pasta from sticking to itself?

Whenever I boil pasta (specifically spaghetti), it always sticks to itself before I'm ready to use it. What can I do to avoid this without it becoming mushy (which happens if I keep it in the water)? ...

pasta boiling  
user avatar asked by Lee Score of 82
user avatar answered by tunnuz Score of 72

Can you answer this question?

Is there any trick to cleaning up after grating frozen butter?

I grated frozen butter for the first time today, to make a streusel topping. It worked much faster than my usual method of cubing and cutting in. However the cleanup felt wrong. I used a paper towel ...

cleaning butter grating  
user avatar asked by Dacio Score of 1
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