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Top new questions this week:

Why do I find rocks inside bags of lump charcoal?

I frequently find golf ball-sized rocks in bags of lump charcoal. Usually after the fire has burnt out. Is this some by-product of the charcoal manufacturing process or an under-handed attempt by the ...

grilling barbecue outdoor-cooking  
asked by gnicko Score of 12
answered by Chris H Score of 14

Does this tool hone or sharpen knives

A few weeks ago I bought an awesome Global knife. I ordered this tool from Amazon: My question: Does this tool hone the knife, or does it sharpen it?

equipment knives sharpening  
asked by Ram Rachum Score of 11
answered by SF. Score of 14

How do I create slippery and light jelly for drinking?

I created an experiment with 10 different water/gelatin ratios but none provided the required results. I'd like to create viscosity similar to Jelly Juice pouch bags. However, when the results I'm ...

gelatin jelly  
asked by Arturs Vancans Score of 3

Edible silicone?

I'm trying to replicate the firm but flexible texture and translucent look of molded silicone using edible gels. The mold I'm using is difficult to extract the final shape from. It's shaped somewhat ...

mold gelatin gelling-agents gelatine  
asked by Aero Score of 3

How to make mellow vinegar?

I made pineapple vinegar by just putting all of the fibrous and hard to eat parts of the fruit in water with some sugar. It did ferment and make vinegar, in that it's sour and pretty acidic (pH is ...

asked by Joshua Frank Score of 3
answered by rumtscho Score of 6

Can I save my sourdough if I accidentally overheated it during bulk fermenting?

I went to do the bulk ferment on my cranberry walnut sourdough last night and because the house was a bit cooler than normal I decided to give the temps a little boost by turning on the oven for a bit ...

baking bread temperature fermentation  
asked by RussBuss Score of 2
answered by GdD Score of 1

Is it possible to make a Dutch baby, or similar, without an oven?

I find myself temporarily without an oven, but am really craving a Dutch baby. Since a Dutch baby is cooked in a very hot oven, clearly I can't make a normal one. But is there any version of one, or ...

pancakes dutch-oven  
asked by FuzzyChef Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What temperatures do low-medium-high on the stove correspond to?

I'm quite suspicious that my electric stove runs hot. Recipes that suggest medium-high on my stove are incredibly, incredibly hot and you can feel 'high' radiating heat from across the kitchen. As ...

asked by rfusca Score of 24
answered by Sam Ley Score of 22

Does ceramic non-stick cookware "fail", and if so, how?

I've heard of pans with ceramic non-stick surfaces; it seems some reports on internet say they may "fail" in about 6 months. How can these pans "fail"? Do ceramic-coated pans require non-stick-...

equipment cookware pan non-stick ceramic  
asked by anonymous Score of 35
answered by rumtscho Score of 19

Can I add uncooked noodles directly to soup?

Most noodle soup recipes that I see call for boiling and draining the noodles separately, then adding them to the broth already cooked. Is there any reason that I can't just add the dry noodles 10 ...

soup noodles  
asked by Matthew Scouten Score of 19
answered by jessykate Score of 20

Time vs. Temperature - What changes what?

Really basic question that's bugging me... Speaking mathematically, 200 degrees of heat for 10 minutes should be the same as 400 degrees of heat for 5 minutes , but that's not the case, right? So ...

temperature cooking-time faq  
asked by Brandon Score of 22
answered by Michael Natkin Score of 29

How can I keep pasta from sticking to itself?

Whenever I boil pasta (specifically spaghetti), it always sticks to itself before I'm ready to use it. What can I do to avoid this without it becoming mushy (which happens if I keep it in the water)? ...

pasta boiling  
asked by Lee Score of 83
answered by tunnuz Score of 71

Is soaking beans 24 hours unrefrigerated safe?

It strikes me as an unsafe food practice to follow Cook's Illustrated's advice for soaking dried beans for 24 hours unrefrigerated. I've also seen them suggest you soak steel-cut oats unrefrigerated ...

food-safety beans brining  
asked by Jeff Axelrod Score of 17
answered by SAJ14SAJ Score of 9

What is the difference between Microwave, Microwave Oven, and Oven?

Some sites say that a "microwave" is only for heating or re-heating cooked food. Whereas, in "microwave ovens", you can microwave and bake. Is that true? If it is, then why I can cook main course ...

oven microwave  
asked by 4-K Score of 7
answered by Cascabel Score of 15

Can you answer this question?

How do I soften home made Split Pea with crunchy Peas?

I got some Split Pea Soup from my Fiance's Nannie, who got it from a friend. The soup tasted ok, but it was like really chunky like the spoon stood up on it's own. So I added water and reheated it. ...

asked by Mercedes Gilbert Score of 1
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