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Top new questions this week:

Traditionally, is prosciutto never to be cooked?

In a discussion about pancetta and prosciutto in sauces (specifically, bolognese), a friend said that "Traditionally, prosciutto is never to be cooked." I have not heard that before. I ...

meat italian-cuisine ham condiments traditional  
asked by aqn 18 votes
answered by Tetsujin 24 votes

Why did this gallon of milk stay fresh for so long?

A few months ago I had a gallon of milk in the back of the fridge that stayed fresh for over a month - maybe even two; I lost track. Our house is only me and my wife. We don't drink milk often. I ...

milk spoilage fresh  
asked by Jason P Sallinger 16 votes
answered by FuzzyChef 38 votes

Why does cooking fewer eggs require more water/steam?

I have purchased a Nutri-Q 34360 Healthy Eating Egg Boiler: How does it work? - The eggs are cooked through hot steam. The instructions will guide you on the amount of water that is required ...

eggs steaming  
asked by DavidPostill 11 votes
answered by AMtwo 17 votes

Leaving cake's dry ingredients together for later quicker preparation?

Let's say I want to bake a cake specifically on Monday night, so it can be fresh for Tuesday (no, I don't want to do it on Sunday). But I know that on Monday I am going to be extremely busy. So I ...

baking cake storage-lifetime  
asked by M.K 11 votes
answered by GdD 18 votes

What is a “small cup” in Australia and/or old recipes?

In older or Australian recipes, is “small cup” a specific (if not quite standardized) measurement? If so, what, approximately, is that measurement? I’m going to be making a recipe from an Australian ...

language measurements vintage-cooking  
asked by Jerry Stratton 6 votes
answered by FuzzyChef 5 votes

How can I tell whether a jackfruit has yellow or orange flesh by looking at the exterior of the jackfruit (i.e., without opening it)?

I prefer jackfruit with orange flesh over jackfruit with yellow flesh. How can I tell whether a jackfruit has yellow or orange flesh by looking at the exterior of the jackfruit (i.e., without opening ...

fruit jackfruit  
asked by Franck Dernoncourt 5 votes

What kind of yeast is this?

I have a type of yeast that I'm finding hard to identify by English standard. These are picture of it: Whole, uncut. cut in half In my country, Bulgaria, we call it "live" yeast, despite ...

yeast food-identification  
asked by mummy 5 votes
answered by user141592 8 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How long can cooked food be safely stored at room/warm temperature?

If I leave fully-cooked food (particularly meat) out at warm temperature - say on the counter or in a crock pot that's been turned off - how long will it stay safe to eat? Does it make any ...

food-safety meat  
asked by MHansen 27 votes
answered by Aaronut 27 votes

How much yeast is in a "package"?

Our Better Homes and Gardens cookbook calls for "1 package active dry yeast" in its pizza recipe, which is less than helpful, since we keep a container of bulk yeast in the freezer. What is the ...

yeast measurements  
asked by Edward Brey 16 votes
answered by SAJ14SAJ 17 votes

How long will ground beef stay good after being frozen?

How long will beef be good after being frozen? My boyfriend has ground beef in the freezer that has been there for almost a year. Is it still safe to cook?

asked by AtlasRN 7 votes
answered by Brian 9 votes

Does ceramic non-stick cookware "fail", and if so, how?

I've heard of pans with ceramic non-stick surfaces; it seems some reports on internet say they may "fail" in about 6 months. How can these pans "fail"? Do ceramic-coated pans require non-stick-...

equipment cookware pan non-stick ceramic  
asked by anonymous 35 votes
answered by rumtscho 19 votes

What should I cover bread dough with while it's rising?

If you let (bread) dough rise, the recipe always asks to cover it. Years ago, I read to cover it with a wet towel. Nowadays, I see more and more recipes that ask for plastic wrap (aka saran or cling ...

bread dough rising proofing  
asked by Mien 29 votes
answered by Sobachatina 29 votes

What can be used as an alternative for Applesauce?

This banana bread recipe calls for applesauce and it's not something that's available at the stores here. Will it be okay if I just leave it out or can I use any other common ingredient to replicate ...

baking substitutions  
asked by Uday Kanth 13 votes
answered by Sobachatina 14 votes

What's the difference between latte, mocha, and all the other drinks on a coffee-house menu?

There are many different coffee-based drinks on an average coffee-house menu. But what makes them different from each other? What are the differences / distinguishing characteristics between: latte, ...

asked by KatieK 39 votes
answered by Chris Cudmore 55 votes

Can you answer these questions?

High Altitude Rye Bread

New bread maker here. I've been playing around with some various breads over the least year and have had some pretty decent success with white breads, seed breads light rye and even Paczki. Not only ...

baking bread rye  
asked by Gary H 1 vote

Safe bottles for fermented liquids

I have some kombucha scoby that I let go way too long (had to leave town for a bit, new job…) and it has gone to vinegar. I would hate to just throw it out as it’s delicious vinegar. I’d like to give ...

equipment fermentation safety  
asked by mroll 2 votes
answered by rumtscho 0 votes

Non-fat way of preventing legumes from frothing during canning

I have been adding fat to each jar of canned legumes to prevent frothing during processing (pressure canning). The fat looks unappetizing in the final product, especially if the beans are used cold ...

canning beans foam  
asked by Bookaholic 3 votes
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