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Top new questions this week:

Where does the green part of the scallion start and the white part end?

I've been using Hello Fresh for a while now and many of their recipes include the step: "Trim and thinly slice scallions, separating whites from greens." Looking at a typical scallion, I ...

asked by James Baxter 40 votes
answered by Tetsujin 34 votes

Does burnt mark on cast iron crepe machine mean it’s ruined?

I have a Krampouz crepe machine made of cast iron. Someone rested what looks like a hot mug of tea on top of it, and now it has a dark brown burn patch. Does this mean it will no longer work, or is ...

cast-iron burnt crepe  
asked by Mia 12 votes
answered by rumtscho 22 votes

Mild chili powder?

My mother and I are having trouble finding pure mild chili powder in our area (Superstore, Walmart, Your Independent Grocer, and an Indian grocery store or two. We don't got much else in the suburbs). ...

spices chili-peppers shopping  
asked by Corty Moto 6 votes
answered by GdD 16 votes

What is leftover in the pulp after making oat milk and how can you use it?

I've been making oat milk and looking for recipes which can utilise the pulp which is left after making the oat milk. I tried cookies and pancakes but they end up wet and soft. Is this because all of ...

culinary-uses vegan oats oat-milk  
asked by Katto 5 votes
answered by Zanna 4 votes

How Does a Hot Water Whipped Pie Crust Work?

First time poster here. I was wondering if someone could help me better understand the science behind a hot water whipped pie crust. I know if someone's never made one, and knew anything about the ...

baking pie pastry crust  
asked by Devin 4 votes

Carb, fat and protein changes in vegetable fermentation, specifically a ballpark reduction arc in carbohydrates

I have been fermenting vegetables, kimchi for the most part, for a few years and am familiar with the general arc of the process, as well as observing how active my ferment is. Yesterday, I started a ...

fermentation nutrient-composition  
asked by Buffalo Rabor 4 votes
answered by pleasePassTheCheese 1 vote

Why re-boiling milk doesn't boil over again?

When I heat milk, at some point it begins to boil over. When I reheat the same milk after it has reached boiling point once before, it doesn't boil over again, it just boils "normally". Why ...

milk boiling  
asked by Tahn 4 votes
answered by Popup 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Can I refrigerate bread dough after the first rise and bake it later?

I do not have enough time to bake my bread. Can I refrigerate it or let it sit on the counter and bake it later in the day?

baking bread  
asked by Carole 12 votes
answered by ElendilTheTall 19 votes

Can someone please give an explanation of different egg preparations?

When we go to a restaurant for breakfast and order eggs, we are often asked how we want them. I have a handful of ways that I will eat them (I often prefer over-medium) and I am sure there a large ...

asked by demongolem 36 votes
answered by Chris Cudmore 62 votes

How to make extra crispy and crunchy breading like KFC?

I'm wondering how I would go about making extra crispy chicken breading like they do at many places like KFC and the like. Is there a certain ingredient that makes the breading like that? Any ...

chicken frying restaurant-mimicry chicken-breast breading  
asked by James Mowery 23 votes
answered by Darin Sehnert 32 votes

What's the best way to store rice long-term?

I have purchased a rather large bag of long-grain white rice (25 lbs.) and need to know the best way for storing it long-term. This rice will be used as both a food-storage food source and as my ...

storage-method rice  
asked by Bryson 23 votes
answered by Sobachatina 19 votes

What happens if I brine my turkey for 2 days?

I have a logistical problem that leaves me with no fridge room for 2 days before Thanksgiving... I always brine my turkey, so I don't have any questions about that, but typically it's only an 8 - 10 ...

food-safety food-science turkey thanksgiving brining  
asked by Rikon 8 votes
answered by Sobachatina 14 votes

How much is a cup of graham cracker crumbs in crackers and weight?

I have a recipe that calls for one cup of graham cracker crumbs. How many crackers am I going to need to crush? I'm having trouble finding an answer partly because different people consider a ...

measurements crumb-crust  
asked by Stephen Ostermiller 8 votes
answered by Cascabel 11 votes

How to thicken Chili without compromising flavor

I enjoy adding beer to a pot of chili for taste, but at times find the end result is too soupy. What's a good way to thicken it without overcooking or compromising the flavor?

beer chili  
asked by Sabrina 16 votes
answered by Brendan 23 votes

Can you answer these questions?

My apple cider vinegar became infested with fruit flies and maggots. Can I wash the mother and use her again?

My apple cider vinegar became infested with fruit flies and maggots. Can I wash the mother and use her again?

asked by user85564 1 vote
answered by G. B. 0 votes

What's the right way to add extra gluten to dough?

I was lacking bread flour, which has 15% protein content. I needed to make something where this is crucial, since you need to roll out the dough really thin. I have all purpose flour with 10% protein ...

flour vital-wheat-gluten  
asked by Peeyush Kushwaha 2 votes
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