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Top new questions this week:

Cumin in Taco Seasoning?

I've noticed that I never taste cumin in the tacos I get at restaurants, yet cumin is often the most noticeable flavor in pre-made taco seasonings. When and why did cumin get associated with tacos? ...

asked by Charles Hudgins 19 votes
answered by FuzzyChef 26 votes

What is the thick black soysauce that they pair with Hainanese Chicken Rice

In Singapore, whenever you order Hainanese Chicken Rice, they will give you three dipping sauces, including a thick black, slightly sweet soy sauce. It's very different from normal soysauce. What ...

asked by meractus 17 votes
answered by Remellion 15 votes

bread made with egg safe to leave outside?

I have some bread that has egg in it. Safe to leave the bread at room temp after baking? Im asking because I wouldn't leave scrambled eggs at room temp but is bread ok?

asked by bakalolo 5 votes
answered by rumtscho 18 votes

How to smooth a wooden rolling pin

My wooden rolling pin has a rough patch on it due to the grain of the wood. When I roll out pastry with it, the pastry tends to stick to the rolling pin at that point and lift. Is there anything I can ...

maintenance rolling  
asked by CJ Dennis 5 votes
answered by delliottg 7 votes

Does the vendors’ storage method affect shellfish quality?

For the same shellfish (like Little Neck clams), Some supermarkets keep them in tanks with running water: While other supermarkets fridge them dry, without water: Does the storage method ...

storage-method shellfish  
asked by Pamela Lee 4 votes
answered by Andrew Sheridan 2 votes

Cooking pasta in water temperature range?

I'd like to know what is the temperature range in which pasta can be cooked in water. I'd be interested in this in order to waste less energy/heat as opposed to cooking it in rolling boiling water and ...

temperature pasta flour  
asked by Alfreds9 4 votes
answered by zetaprime 5 votes

Dried and Salted Fish Fillets (e.g. cod) Sous Vide

I don't have much experience cooking with dried and salted fish, but as far as I have read traditional recipes start with a long soaking time in water (and also changing the water multiple times) to ...

fish salt sous-vide cod  
asked by zetaprime 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to thicken Chili without compromising flavor

I enjoy adding beer to a pot of chili for taste, but at times find the end result is too soupy. What's a good way to thicken it without overcooking or compromising the flavor?

beer chili  
asked by Sabrina 16 votes
answered by Brendan 23 votes

What is the difference between a prawn and a shrimp?

Are prawns and shrimps the same thing or are they different? Basically, I think they're the same but one of my friends was arguing that they're similar but definitely not the same thing and they ...

asked by Divi 62 votes
answered by Jolenealaska 70 votes

How would I measure Bouillon Cubes compared to the actual powder

Is there a standard measurement that can be used?

bouillon cubes  
asked by AttilaNYC 3 votes
answered by JustRightMenus 6 votes

Can I substitute whole eggs for egg whites in cake mix?

A box of white cake mix needs three egg whites. If substituting whole eggs for egg whites, how many whole eggs would I use?

baking substitutions eggs cake  
asked by Anne 3 votes
answered by SAJ14SAJ 5 votes

Are there any substitutes for Shortening?

I was specifically thinking about the Crisco shortening that is used in baking.

asked by AttilaNYC 11 votes
answered by hobodave 6 votes

What's the best way to cook fall-off-the-bone baby-back ribs

What's the best way to cook fall-off-the-bone baby-back ribs?

barbecue ribs  
asked by Sev 8 votes
answered by Brettski 15 votes

How long is it safe to marinate meat?

I started marinating some almost-thawed chicken and skirt steak in the refrigerator on Monday. It's Saturday, and I still haven't gotten around to cooking the meat. Is the meat still safe to cook ...

food-safety chicken meat steak marinade  
asked by Jim 25 votes
answered by Aaronut 22 votes

Can you answer these questions?

How do I get a space between my pork filling and the hot water raised crust?

I tried to make a hand raised pork pie and made the jelly from pigs' trotters and bones but when I tried to pour it down the hole it seems there is no space between the filling and the crust. How do i ...

pork pie  
asked by Susan Hillyard 1 vote

What is the proper cooking time for steaming whole stone crabs? Is there any reason to avoid them?

In several pages of Google results, I found no information at all on cooking time, average market prices, recipes, etc. for whole stone crabs. I made my own estimation for cooking time last time I ...

cooking-time seafood steaming crab  
asked by Backgammon 1 vote

How are food dyes affected by heat and ingredients?

I made a cake today using bog standard marge, white sugar, eggs, self-raising flour and a pinch of baking powder. I added enough pink food colour (supermarket brand that comes in the tiny bottles) to ...

asked by starfish 1 vote
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