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Top new questions this week:

Dominique Ansel book - ambiguity in the recipe

I have this book at home. And I wanted to try the "White Chocolate Glaze" from page 253. But I am baffled about this ...

baking melting-chocolate cookbook glaze  
user avatar asked by Humphrey Appleby Score of 12
user avatar answered by Stephie Score of 12

Do other cultures' foods have anything like ramen eggs?

One of my favourite parts of making ramen is ajitsuke tamago – a soft-boiled egg marinated in soy sauce, mirin, and sake. Marinating a boiled egg to impart flavour seems like a simple idea, but I'm ...

eggs hard-boiled-eggs  
user avatar asked by miken32 Score of 6
user avatar answered by Tetsujin Score of 10

Why does making a pasta require more yolks than whites?

I have looked up numerous pasta recipes and all of them suggest adding a certain number of whole eggs and a certain number of additional egg yolks. I am just curious why we need only yolks? How would ...

eggs pasta dessert egg-whites  
user avatar asked by Ninad Score of 5
user avatar answered by Joe Score of 11

How can I easily separate onion layers in diced chunks?

I often want a small portion of onion in the form of short pieces, one layer thick. I start by cutting a slice from the onion that is about the total amount needed. While it's a slice, the rings can ...

onions cutting  
user avatar asked by fixer1234 Score of 4
user avatar answered by Sneftel Score of 10

Rice cooker vapor from cooking brown rice leaves a starchy film on surrounding surfaces

I have a really old, basic rice cooker. When it cooks brown rice, the steam/cooking vapor that escapes forms a grubby film on the lid, and usually leaves residue on surrounding surfaces in my kitchen ...

user avatar asked by cheryl k Score of 4
user avatar answered by GdD Score of 3

Substitution for Green Cardamom Pods in a vegan Biriyani?

What options are there to replace Green Cardamom Pods when making a vegan Biriyani. The reason for this substitution is that purely I don't have any, and won't be going to a store that stocks them ...

user avatar asked by Aaargh Zombies Score of 2
user avatar answered by FuzzyChef Score of 2

Should substituting about half of the sugar with erythritol make cookies lose all crispness?

There are some chocolate chip cookies I've made a couple of times made of (clarified) butter, sugar, oatmeal plus (white or whole wheat) flour, (a small amount of) egg, chocolate chips, vanilla, salt ...

sugar cookies texture  
user avatar asked by TLSO Score of 2

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Difference between Maida and All purpose flour

I'm baking tonight and I'm out of All purpose flour. I'm lazy to run out to the grocery store. Can I replace All purpose flour with Maida (Maida is better known to Asian Indians - we use it for making ...

baking substitutions flour  
user avatar asked by Narmatha Balasundaram Score of 19
user avatar answered by klypos Score of 13

Can I put frozen meat in a slow cooker?

I was wondering if I can put meat directly from the freezer into a slow-cooker. I want to be able to put chicken in the slow-cooker without having to let it defrost for a whole day in the fridge. It ...

food-safety meat slow-cooking  
user avatar asked by Pierre-Alain Vigeant Score of 17
user avatar answered by hobodave Score of 15

When is it necessary to cover food with aluminum foil during baking/roasting?

Often a recipe calls for covering a dish while it bakes. I understand that this can help to trap steam. How do you know when it's necessary to use aluminum foil when baking a dish without a recipe? ...

baking roasting  
user avatar asked by Jacob R Score of 29
user avatar answered by Joe Score of 31

How do I remove aluminum foil from the bottom of my oven?

I had this brilliant idea to put aluminum foil at the bottom of my oven while I cooked pizza at very high temperatures. I was hoping it would catch any toppings that fell off so I could quickly remove ...

oven cleaning  
user avatar asked by dpollitt Score of 11
user avatar answered by Wayfaring Stranger Score of 10

How to make extra crispy and crunchy breading like KFC?

I'm wondering how I would go about making extra crispy chicken breading like they do at many places like KFC and the like. Is there a certain ingredient that makes the breading like that? Any ...

chicken frying restaurant-mimicry chicken-breast breading  
user avatar asked by James Mowery Score of 23
user avatar answered by Darin Sehnert Score of 32

Is there a problem with defrosting meat on the counter?

I generally defrost meat on the kitchen counter. A friend of mine suggested that this was dangerous and suggested that I defrost meat in the refrigerator. I am no biologist but it seems to me that as ...

food-safety meat defrosting raw-meat  
user avatar asked by ahsteele Score of 64
user avatar answered by yossarian Score of 49

What are the pros and cons of Convection Microwave Ovens?

Are convection microwave ovens a useful item to have? Or are they not good as a microwave and not good as a convection oven either? I understand that a regular convection oven helps to cook things ...

oven microwave convection  
user avatar asked by milesmeow Score of 27
user avatar answered by Michael Natkin Score of 14
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