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Top new questions this week:

Is there a reason to not grate cheese ahead of time?

Suppose I know that I'm going to eventually end up grating all of my cheese. Is there a reason to not just toss it all into a blender and store it for later? To be more concrete, I'm particularly ...

storage-method cheese parmesan  
asked by PiKindOfGuy 18 votes
answered by moscafj 49 votes

Is there a way to dilute oil?

I like to drink protein shakes, but I find that it's very hard to dissolve the protein powder into water or milk. You get clumps, and unless you want to get your blender dirty or spend ten minutes ...

oil chemistry emulsion  
asked by A. Kriegman 13 votes
answered by Chris H 33 votes

How can I hold a battered Mars bar in a deep fryer without leaving any chocolate exposed?

I made a deep-fried Mars bar today. When I was initially lowering it in the oil I held it with tongs, and when I released, the part where the tongs were touching had left the chocolate exposed. I ...

deep-frying batter  
asked by Chris A 9 votes
answered by Tetsujin 5 votes

Identifying a type of Pizza Topping

I was looking at the tiny nation of Brunei on Google Maps, and I noticed they have a Pizza-Hut there, not too many details but a few photos were attached and there was a Pizza that I didn't recognise, ...

pizza dessert food-identification savoury  
asked by Cryogen 7 votes
answered by Onyz 13 votes

English mustard vs. "german" mustard

I am from Germany and I want to cook a recipe that has "English mustard" in it. I don't really know the difference between different kinds of mustard. For example, the mustard I mostly use ...

mustard german-cuisine english-cuisine  
asked by Matthias Nicklisch 7 votes
answered by Cece 5 votes

How does preserved lemons salt soultion form a gel?

About 4-5 years ago I attempted to preserve some lemons in salt as per lots of recipes for Morrocan preserved lemons for tagine etc. I didn't ever get around to using any of them and also used an ...

salt pectin  
asked by Gemma 5 votes
answered by bob1 1 vote

How is this lasagna pasta supposed to be cooked?

I will try to do lasagna and I have doubts about how to deal with the pasta. The bolognese and bechamel sauces are fine (at least I know how to approach them). The problem I am having is with these &...

pasta lasagna  
asked by WoJ 5 votes
answered by csk 9 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is it safe to eat potatoes that have sprouted?

I'm talking about potatoes that have gone somewhat soft and put out shoots about 10cm long. Other online discussions suggest it's reasonably safe and the majority of us have been peeling and eating ...

food-safety potatoes  
asked by Tea Drinker 103 votes
answered by hobodave 95 votes

How do I make my bread/buns super soft?

I have recently started making bread (up to my sixth batch). All I am trying to do is make super soft, plain, white bread/buns. I have tried a different recipe each time, but none of them have even ...

asked by Petah 15 votes
answered by GdD 27 votes

Substitution for egg to bind hamburger mince

My wife is having pregnancy cravings for (homemade) hamburgers, but has developed a prenatal allergy / intolerance to egg. What is a possible replacement for egg to stop a hamburger pattie from ...

substitutions eggs hamburgers  
asked by johnc 9 votes
answered by K2so 11 votes

Is it safe to cook a steak that was left out (raw) for 7 hours?

I left a round steak out for 7 hours in a container of cold water. It was wrapped very well, hadn't been opened yet. Is it ok to cook this? I planned on cooking it in the crockpot for 8 hours.

food-safety beef raw-meat crockpot  
asked by Kim 20 votes
answered by BobMcGee 43 votes

In a tomato sauce recipe, how can I cut the acidity?

It seems that every time I make a tomato sauce for pasta, the sauce is a little bit too acid for my taste. I've tried using sugar or sodium bicarbonate, but I'm not satisfied with the results.

sauce pasta tomatoes italian-cuisine  
asked by Curry 68 votes
answered by Christina Tenney 52 votes

What is a substitute for mascarpone cheese?

I've found mascarpone cheese can be pricey. What would be a good (in taste and price) substitute?

substitutions cheese  
asked by JustRightMenus 23 votes
answered by hobodave 19 votes

I need to quickly and safely thaw frozen ground beef, what are my options?

Since reading the answers to my question about defrosting meat on the counter I've been good about giving my meat time to defrost in the refrigerator. However, my plans for tonight have changed and I'...

food-safety defrosting ground-beef  
asked by ahsteele 24 votes
answered by ThinkingCook 29 votes

Can you answer these questions?

I need to Substitute Fresh Yams for canned, but I want the sweetness

I have always used Bruce's canned Yams for My Sweet Potato Casserole. Unfortunately, this year with the pandemic, I cannot find any available. I still want to make the casserole and want it to taste ...

substitutions fresh  
asked by Katie Wirebaugh 1 vote

Stiff vs Liquid Starter, what are the differences between hydration in a sourdough starter?

I stumbled on the concept of a stiff starter from Northwest Sourdough Baker Youtube Channel. and have kept a high hydration starter (100% hydration) since I started baking. Was wondering what notable ...

sourdough sourdough-starter  
asked by Denis Tsoi 1 vote
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