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Why was I suspended from the Review Queues?

Learn more about what the review queues are and how they work.

Review suspensions are not penalties, but temporary holds on your reviewing privilege. The purpose of this is to give you time to learn more about how to review correctly. Poor reviews negatively affect the community and the site’s content. If you take incorrect action on multiple tasks, your reviewing privilege may be temporarily suspended and you won’t have access to the Review Queues during this time period.

If you are suspended, you will see a suspension message in the Review Queue navigational dropdown. A more detailed message will be available to you in the Review Queue dashboard and in the queues. This message will remain for the duration of your suspension.

Screenshot of the Review Queue dropdown in two states, first, during a suspension where the review suspension message ("Notice Review privileges suspended - Your review privileges are suspended until Jul 24. Click to learn more.") is visible but none of the review queues are and second after the suspension is over but the review message ("Notice Review privileges suspended - Your review privileges were suspended for 7 days. Click to learn more") is still visible.

You may have been suspended between visits to the site. Although your suspension has expired, you will still be notified that the suspension occurred. Review and acknowledge the message and the notification will be dismissed.

What can I do in the meantime?

Read the suspension notice carefully. Revisit the tasks that led to your suspension to understand the more appropriate action. Review resource links that may have been provided with your suspension. During your suspension, you will still have access to each queue’s Stats and History pages. If you have any questions about the review tasks that led to the suspension, post a question on Meta and use the [review-suspension] tag. In your post, be sure to include the following information:

  • A link to the review that caused your suspension,
  • An explanation of why you made the choice you did (particularly important if you feel the suspension is in error),
  • A request to understand what the correct choice should have been and why.

In the future, take your time while reviewing and make sure each task is given adequate attention. If you're not certain what the correct action is, make use of the "Skip" feature and let someone else handle that review.