I was just eating a donner kebab, not sure if it’s something to be alarmed about ( looks like a worm to me ) or if it’s just spice that is tricking me.

It’s about 2/3mm across and is very hard. I can’t see anything moving... yet [grin]

Thank you for your help in advance, hopefully this is in-topic :) enter image description here


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I strongly suspect that you are looking at a capsicum seed. In other words, you either had a piece of jalapeño, pickled pepperoni, or a sprinkle of pul biber (crushed red pepper). They are flat, about 2mm wide with that little tip.

The “worm” is actually the embryonic part of the seed. There are a few edible seeds which seem to have a “worm”, e.g. this Q/A on our site.

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    I personally would be miffed if I couldn’t find any - then my doner seller would have skimped on the spice.
    – Stephie
    Jul 23, 2019 at 20:58

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