I opened this cooking cream 2 months ago and it stayed in the refrigerator in an almost fully frozen state (right under the cold air blowing fan). It also has lost its flavour (not bitter, doesn't have a taste) and doesn't have an odour (slightly smells like flour). When I first opened it 2 months ago, it had solidified into some kind of thick whipped cream (probably age gelation). 5 minutes ago I gave it a stir and now it looks like this: enter image description here

enter image description here


yes. definitely

the butterfat can go rancid even if it's fully frozen

almost frozen is like almost sterile, so there's surely plenty of microorganisms doing their happy little lifecycles, albeit more slowly than at room temperature

it looks like it's gone more towards becoming crème fraîche, but since you didn't intentionally inoculate it, you have no reason to trust that it's not going to hurt you

high risk, no reward. you'd be smart toss it out

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