I buy live mussels and clams from Diana's Seafood in Scarborough, Toronto. It's far from home, so I go just once every one or two weeks. I always "Purge" Clams Before Cooking to Get All the Sand and Grit out of Them.

  1. Mussels ought not be frozen, right?

Thus I freeze live clams and eat my live mussels first.

  1. I'm guessing I ought purge them BEFORE freezing, when they are still alive and can eject the grit. If I freeze then purge, they're dead and can't discharge grit.
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    I think you answered your own question. Better yet, have you tried it? Maybe report back in an answer. It is perfectly fine to answer your own question below. – moscafj Aug 16 '19 at 15:13

Here provides 2 methods to preserve clams:

  1. If you will cook these clams within future 7 days, you could just refrigerate them, just put whole package in the refrigerator, and do purging before cooking. Put clams in 2~3% salty water about 2 hours for purging.
  2. If you need longer preservation, you could freeze them, but remember to do purging before putting them in freezer. Clams will be no longer alive after freeze and unfreeze, and purging will become failed.

It's the experience from me and my friends who love culinary, hope it helps :P

If your clams are vacuum-packaged, both refrigerating and freezing should be OK (Prefer refrigerating, closer to clams living temperature).
No matter what method preservation, cook and eat these fresh ingredients ASAP always better.

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