I understand this is basically just a question of laziness and as such if the answer is 'no' that's perfectly fine, but as someone that enjoys the convenience of canned carrots and also enjoys a crisp, crunchy carrot slice...

Is there any way to prepare canned carrots such that they would be crispy and crunchy like stir-fried fresh carrots can be?


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No, once its [over] cooked that's it, there's no going back.

If you dry them you will eventually get… you guessed it - dried, cooked carrots. Think 'packet soup' minestrone, or the unfortunately named 'spring vegetable' with salty knotty chunks of partially reconstituted ingredient - a childhood delight.

Once the cell walls are gone, there's no rebuilding them; nor will you ever get them to taste like fresh food again.

Canning is a 'heat-blast' technique to ensure only that the contents are absolutely sterile. It is not a technique which at all concerns itself with the texture or flavour of that result.

If you like canned carrots - & someone must, they seem to sell enough - then be happy with canned carrots.

If you like fresh, then you have no choice but to get them fresh.

If it's pure laziness (you said it, not me ;) then supermarkets sell them ready-prepped… baton/julienne, round cut or grated. They cost more [but so do canned] & they taste unsurprisingly almost exactly like ones you prepared yourself.

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    Obviously quite a bit late, but thank you for mentioning the ready-prepped fresh carrots at the supermarket. I've been doing that since and everything is better. :)
    – Onyz
    Dec 5, 2019 at 14:40

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