I purchased a few shucked geoducks from Sunny Supermarket in Toronto fresh, but froze this one. I wanted to ask this question before preparing it.

After I purged the fresh shuck (not shown), I sliced it, but slices are these squat wedges in pics 1-2.

enter image description here

I wanted these skinny crunchy strips like pics 3-5.

enter image description here

Did I buy wrong kind of geoduck? Or wrong part?

enter image description here

Bibliography - Pics 1,2, 3, 4, 5, Geoduck anatomy picture.


I suspect you cut your geoduck “the wrong way” (to get the specific shape, that is). If you want crunch, you should use the syphon, so that was a hit already. For the wavy slices, I suggest watching the first recipe in this video by chef Hung Huynh. In short, he

  • uses live geoduck
  • quickly blanches the neck by immersing it in hot water
  • peels the outer skin off and cuts the neck from the body. Then he
  • slices the neck lengthwise and washes it in cold saltwater.

When he thinly slices the halved necks at a bias, he gets longish strips that curl “due to the contractions of the muscles”.

While you can still cut your frozen geoduck neck in thin slices, I doubt that they would curl the same way fresh do.

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