I have 200 gm of candied glacé strawberry and 200 gm of candied glacé kiwi. I cannot eat it, as it has too much sugar for me. Is there a way to neutralize the candied strawberry and kiwi?

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    ...don't eat them? – Sneftel Sep 10 '19 at 13:03

Glacé, or candied fruit, is basically fruit preserved with sugar. So, yes, it can be very sweet. Even for sugar lovers, it is hard to eat much. I would suggest using it in cake or cookies. Italians have a tradition of such cakes and cookies that call for the addition of chopped candied fruit. I am sure other cultures do as well. I would suggest using them as an ingredient, rather than attempting to somehow remove or reduce the sugar content.


Strawberries and kiwi generally pair well with lemon or other citrus.

If the problem is just 'too sweet' and not truly a health concern (eg, diabetic), you might consider making a lemon tart (holding back some of the sugar), and topping it with the fruit.

... then sharing it with friends so you don't eat it all yourself.

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