I finally separated the citrus rinds (orange and lemon) from the citrus sugar. All the bits of rind are small. With them I was planning on making a citrus sauce to go on top of my brownies and was wanting help on what flavors would go with citrus rind and how much rind to use?

I have lots of blueberries and a few raspberries available as well.


I ended up using raspberries, citrus (orange/lemon) rind, cranberries and sugar. It tasted so good on the brownies!

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There are noted resources for flavor pairing, many of which you can find on this site. Check out . You'll find:

  1. Why some flavors work better together than others
  2. A list of books and websites providing information on flavor combinations, including suggestions for
  3. How to determine if two ingredients will go well together

For your specific question of what goes well with citrus rind, you already know chocolate is a good match and that you are putting the sauce on brownies. Nuts in your brownies will be a good match too, especially pecans. Caraway, thyme, cardamom, or black pepper might add an unexpected note with orange. Rosemary is a very nice match for lemon. I recently made cookies using orange zest and black pepper that came out quite well.

If you want the citrus flavor to dominate I would leave out the berries. Otherwise I'd definitely use the raspberries, which go well with citrus. The bluberries would be fine, but I wouldn't consider them your best choice.

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