Sometimes, I have cuts of meat/fish (mostly fish) that have dramatically uneven thickness. I like to pan sear, so how would I cook it so the thinner ends are still tender, but the thicker ends are not undercooked?

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    It is often desirable, and a pleasant eating experience, to have different parts of a protein cooked to different levels of doneness. This is a good example of why, sometimes, sous vide produces a less than optimal eating experience. Eaters expect and enjoy this doneness gradient. – moscafj Oct 1 '19 at 10:51

It's quite the challenge. The two things I do are lift the thin end off the hot surface with something spatula-like or the edge of the pan, leaving the thicker part on the heat. The other thing is sear relatively quickly and then move the whole pan with fish in it to the oven, this method good with very thick meat. There's also the option of sous vide.

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