My grandmothers made for me, every Christmas, peanut squares. I had the recipe for the cake itself, but lost it. The name of the cake was called a Lazy Daisy Cake. I have found one that is very similar, but it seems to me that it is the egg part that is different. The cake itself is a somewhere between a regular white cake and an angel food cake. From what I remember it had more eggs than usual, and that they were separated, and they only used the whites. It is possible that the whites were beaten, separate from the yokes. I've found and used used a very similar recipe called Peanut Squares Cake, from tasteofhome, but as I've been reading, it seems that it skips the separation and beating of the eggs. I have also found a recipe for Lazy Daisy cake, but it doesn't sound close to what they made. So, I guess my basic question is-should I alter the peanut cake recipe by beating the eggs separately, as suggested for sponges.

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    We encourage the answering of one's own questions here. I would suggest you try your newly found recipe, add the egg yolks, whip the whites, fold them in, and report back your experience as an answer. – moscafj Jan 1 at 12:44

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