I have a fresh cut of salmon I plan to cook for dinner in two days. I know that fish is best cooked as soon and as fresh as possible or should go right into the freezer.

Which is the best storage method? Should I put it in the freezer for just one day, and then take it out tomorrow to thaw overnight? Or should I leave for two days in the fridge?

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It depends. Temperature works on a scale, the cooler it is, usually the less active bacteria will be.

With this in mind, my fridge has a special zone for meats and fish, very very close to zero degrees. The food won't freeze, but bacterial activity will be slowed enough that I would put it there a couple of days without worrying.

Freezing goes way beyond zero, usually - 13 to - 21 in some fridges, but it changes the quality of the product, specially if not vacuum sealed.

If your fridge has a special zone for meats like mine, I would use it. If not, freeze it just to be safe.


Did you buy it from the grocery store? Most salmon have been flash frozen to rid of parasites. If that's the case, I would just leave it in the fridge if you're planning to cook it in 2 days. If you were to freeze it, the freeze-thaw process could affect the texture of the salmon.

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