Is there something in red potatoes (and possibly some others) that is very bitter that only some people can taste? And if so how/can I get rid of it. The reason I think so is I boiled some for potato salad and it was inedible. I figured that it was just that season/batch. So Ive tried it several times again at different times of year and it’s always very bitter. russet potatoes are fine as are reds when roasted. Though some fingerling and blues are also bitter but not nearly to this extent.

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    This is unusual, it would help to know your method. Do you add salt or other ingredients to the water when boiling? Do you keep the skin on or peel them? – GdD Jan 30 at 8:16
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    Do you in general have issues with your perception of bitterness? Some people are super tasters. – Stephie Jan 30 at 9:13
  • Has anyone else tasted the potatoes and said if it's bitter to them as well? – Kat Jan 31 at 19:14

Have these potatoes started to sprout? According to this article from Caroline Wright, a lecturer in horticulture, "there can still be a bitter flavour to potatoes that have begun to grow." Exposure to light produces solanine. Solanine is a bitter toxin and even when pared from the potato, can have imparted bitterness throughout the spud.

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