I need to make jello. Would psyllium husk work as a jello replacement?

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    why do you want to replace gelatin? – Luciano Mar 5 at 13:26

Psyllium husk is a good source of soluble fiber, but it's not a very good stabilizer or a gelling agent.

If you want to replace gelatin inn recipes there's plenty of great vegan substitutes. I'd recommend using agar-agar instead; it's the closest gelling agent but it's stronger, so you need to use less than you're used to.

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    Just a note - agar-agar produces a more crisp breakable gel, not quite as rubbery as gelatin. The sort of gel you find in bubble tea/boba. – bob1 Mar 5 at 20:41
  • @bob1 yep it's not gonna be exactly the same – Luciano Mar 6 at 9:34

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