I tried for the first time to bake scone. I used a stand mixer to mix the ingredients based on a recipe. But I have some questions:

  • Is it ok to use a stand mixer to mix them? I used the beater to mix them as it did it very quick.
  • The dough was very runny and I was not able to shape it at all. I added more flour (I used self-raising) but it did not help.
  • After I baked it, the smell and taste were good but they were not crumbly. They were more bread than scone as they were stiff. Did I mix for too long?

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Scones should really be mixed very minimally, in order to avoid developing the gluten structure. Over mixing will result in less crumbly end product. So, in this instance I would not recommend a stand mixer. Instead, just mix by hand.

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