I got myself some glutinous rice, but it's suggested that I use a cotton cloth in order to cook it. Thing is, I take food safety quite seriously and I wanted to know what kind of cloth specifically is OK to use and what isn't. For example, would a washed piece of a white t-shirt with no print be okay? If not, what to look for? I'm from Poland and I looked for "steam cooking" results on allegro.pl, but found nothing made for steam cooking. Also, how to properly clean it afterward in a food-safe way?

  • Use corn husks or bamboo leaves? Commented May 11, 2020 at 3:02

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I would look for cheesecloth, it should be widely available.

If not, yes, a white cotton shirt should be good enough, make certain it is not a blend of different fabrics; and I would wash it in boiling water before.

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