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My problem is a bit more complex. I sprout beans in cheesecloth and it's been working okay. The cheesecloth is able to get some of the bean roots off the beans when I harvest the bean sprouts so that I don't have to eat a lot of roots. The drawback: I end up with a piece of cheesecloth full of bean roots. Handwashing it helps remove some but not all the roots. Better ideas?

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    The best use for cheesecloth when sprouting is to cover a glass jar; the beans only touch the fabric when tipping the jar for draining the water then the jar goes cloth side up again. – Luciano May 15 at 8:58
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    @Luciano it sounds like the roots getting stuck in the cloth is considered a feature in this case. – Kat May 15 at 17:51

You clean it by throwing it away. Is it worth the trouble?

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  • Lol. Good point! – Eddie Kal May 14 at 19:45

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