done my first pressure canning yesterday with pre cooked meat straight out of the slow cooker. Sealed the Ball jars and went thru the pressure steaming process....until after about 80 minutes my pressure cooker boiled off the water and run out of steam. I stopped the process and cooled the 490ml wide mouth Ball Jars down over night. I consider now to restart the whole process again and steam for 100 Minutes. The jars appear to have vacuum sealed ok. My question is, should I remove the lids and use new ones ( I don't have any spares ) Or can I safely restart the process without affecting the seal? Or would 80 Minutes steam time even be sufficient for this size jars ? I filled them almost boiling hot. The required temperature "may" have done it's job. I don't like the word "may"...... so that's why I am about to restart the process. Thanks for any advise

  • 80 minutes is a long time to process food @Dieter, can you please go into detail into your method and the thought process behind it? – GdD May 16 at 20:05
  • Hi GdD I steam canning low acidic meat, that requires usually 100 Minutes of steaming to kill micro organism's such as botulism spores. For long term storage. – Dieter May 16 at 20:16
  • If I remember 80 minutes sounds about right, although I'm not an expert and will defer to others more knowledgeable. – GdD May 16 at 20:49
  • Thanks @ GdD.... 80 minutes steam to 490ml glasses, feels to me right as well. I think there is a big safety margin regarding steam time. But it's critical as Botulism is a very nasty food poisoning. Anyway i had no choice as to repack the Pressure cooker and go with the sealed glasses for another 100 minutes. Just to be on the safe side regards temperature goes right thru the centre of the jars. Will soon find out if the vacuum seal has ben affected. And what the outcome will be. – Dieter May 16 at 21:17
  • Update : In case you followed my question. I re-pressure steamed the sealed Ball jars at 15psi for 100 minutes. They all kept the vacuum. I noted at some jars the red sealant was partly more visible than on others. As they have seriously cooked for 180 minutes all up. They are going to be safe to be kept at room temperature outside the fridge. As long as they hold the vacuum. It could be that these jars not good for many years. So I will try them in a few weeks. If the vacuum breaks. I will not try the food and throw away. As it could be a seal failure or bacteria producing gases. – Dieter May 17 at 4:24

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