I am thinking of making some Tunisian briks (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brik), but I live in the United States and so I don't really want to pay the markup for buying the malsouka pastry online (and plus now there are other reasons for not making extra trips to stores which may or may not have it in stock). The malsouka is an extremely thin pastry, which, wrapped around a egg/tuna/caper/etc. filling and fried makes a delicious brik. On the internet, all the recipes I have found say to make it by making a thin crepe-like batter out of some combination of semolina and white flour, then cooking it by using a brush to dab it quickly onto a pan with carefully controlled temperature (e.g. by bain-marie). With this information about what the ultimate use of the pastry is, and the cooking method, my question is: what is the intended purpose of adding the semolina? If I omit it and replace it with white flour, what kind of negative effect will I end up with?

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