I want cook at home O Mei Restaurant in Richmond Hill's "Deep fry body and head with spiced peppered salt and minced chili garlic". But I don't want deep fry for health. I can pan fry with sun flower oil.

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But I use frozen lobster meat. How flavor spiced peppered salt and minced chili garlic INTO lobster meat? In Chinese, how I stuff 椒鹽 into 龍蝦? I want taste spiced peppered salt and minced chili garlic! Not enough just sprinkle spiced peppered salt and minced chili garlic in wok with lobster!!!

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    Let me see if I understood you right: You want to make a battered, deep-fried dish without deep-frying, using different ingredients and expect a comparable outcome? To me, this is akin to trying to replicate an oil painting with felt pens. The results may be good, but certainly not like the original. – Stephie May 30 at 10:27
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    And as a mod: Please stop the excessive use of links and pictures, make your question clearer and on point and less cluttered. – Stephie May 30 at 10:29
  • @Stephie "battered, deep-fried dish without deep-frying". Well...I can pan fry. Just want try this at home. "different ingredients" ...no? we both use lobsters? mine just frozen. and sorry! picture is thousand words. easier to see what i try do? – Nai May 31 at 4:08
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    Pamela, you may have noticed that your post wasn’t too well received so far. I was trying to help. The upvotes on my comments indicate that I am apparently not the only user who sees it that way. There’s a fine line between helpful and cluttered, one picture or three of basically the same thing, helpful or distracting. I still struggle to understand what exactly your question is. – Stephie May 31 at 17:08
  • @stephie thanks much for trying to help! i know. – Nai Jun 5 at 22:13

The flavour profile of "pepper salt" (椒鹽) is generally a combination of Chinese five-spice (五香粉), garlic, and chilli. Restaurants first deep-fry the protein (lobster, squid, fish, etc.) then combine it with everything else in a wok.

However, your problem seems to be that there isn't enough flavour in your version, which really doesn't have much to do with whether it's deep-fried or not. You could try:

  • Simply adding more seasoned salt/garlic/chilli to taste
  • Marinating your lobster in a combination of Chinese cooking wine, salt, and sugar for ~30 minutes
  • Frying your minced garlic and chilli with five-spice powder for longer, blooming the spices and flavouring the oil
  • Before pan-frying, coat your lobster in seasoned cornstarch for flavour and to help it crisp up
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