Can i refrigerate dough twice? Such that after kneading i will refrigerate the dough overnight. Then after forming i will cold proof it. Will there be any deterrents?

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You can knead dough multiple times and let it rest in the refrigerator between. I do this to make a bread with a less tough crust and finer crumb.

Keep it covered and don't let it sit too long as described in How long can I keep bread dough in the refrigerator?

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    Thanks. So just to clarify, after kneading i can put it in fridge overnight for first rise, correct? Then i take it out of fridge, shape it into balls and i can place it in fridge again overnight for 2nd proofing before baking next day, and this will be ok?
    – Molly
    May 31, 2020 at 22:18

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