It occurs to me I’ve never actually bought an oven before! After a fair bit of deliberation I found a Westinghouse in our price range that seems to have good reviews. So we bought it yesterday. Only thing is for some reason it doesn’t seem to have a non-fan option. Isn’t this weird? It’s an electric single oven and functions it has are: Grill, Fan Grill, Defrost, Light, Fan Forced Cooking.

I’ve been cooking on a very old, very basic upright gas oven up until this point. Can’t think of many occasions I’ve used it without the fan, even while baking.

The next option up at the store was an additional $200 with these options: Fan grill, Defrost, Traditional bake, Pizza, Rapid heat, Grill, Fan forced cooking, AirFry and a digital display rather than knobs. Seemed a waste of money given the basic stove I have been using up until now has no options (besides fan), yet I make a wide variety of food in it, including pizzas and baking. I suspected it might be one of those things where the options end up being largely unnecessary.

What’s the deal, foodies? Do I need a non-fan option?!

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    Welcome to the site! Your question is asking for opinions, which is off-topic. Nobody can say whether you absolutely need non-fan or not. If you want information about the benefits of fan versus non fan there are existing answers here: cooking.stackexchange.com/questions/19435/… – GdD Jun 30 '20 at 8:40

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