Today is an unsually hot day where I live in France, we are reaching 40°C in some cities.

As I grabbed a KitKat out of its bag, I noticed that it was completly melted. It's 35°C in my appartment.
It made me wonder: Does hot countries like Mexico, Spain or Algeria have chocolated products specifically designed to be more heat resistant ?

And how would you achieve something like that ?


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It's simple: people in hot countries eat dark chocolate. In Southern Italy, chocolate is dark as coal and almost as hard. Mexican chocolate classically contains only cocoa, sugar, and spices.

Well-tempered dark chocolate, without dairy products, wax, or other additives with low melting points, melts at a higher temperature than your Kit-Kat does.

Per Gizmodo

Dark chocolate has a higher percentage of cocoa in proportion to milk fat, so it has a higher melting point. Dark chocolate melts in your mouth; milk chocolate is much more likely to melt in your hand.

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