How much fried chicken should I buy for 80 adults and 20 children? Pulled pork will be served as well as mac n cheese and green beans.

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    While some may have opinions about it, this is not an opinion-based question. Looking at the "related" links one can see that there are several questions on the site that ask a similar question. It's possible that it is a duplicate, but it is not an opinion based question. Caterers ask and answer this question all of the time.
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Based on the answer to the question Johanna linked, you should aim for about 8 oz or 225g of meat per person. Without knowing how much pulled pork you intend to be serving, and which part of the chicken you're looking at, here is a breakdown of how much each piece of a broken down chicken weighs, so you can use that to figure out how much you want to serve. Source

Chicken weights

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