I am interested in making my own beef broth from bones left over from chuck roasts, t-bone steaks, etc. However I currently do not have enough bones to make a batch with.

Can I get a big ziplock "bag o' bones" going and keep it in the freezer, adding to it as I get more bones, and finally thaw + use all the bones once I have enough?

Or do bones "go bad" in the freezer, freezer burn easily, or cause other problems when accumulating the bones slowly over time?

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Yes, you can. The advantage, as you point out, is that you can collect the bones until you have enough to make a flavorful stock. They freeze well, but will last even longer (avoiding freezer burn) if you can remove as much air as possible from the package. I often do with with chicken bones, necks, and skin until I accumulate a decent amount for a stock.



But considering you can highly condense the stock (past consume to bullion), it’s not clearly why you want to do this.

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