I intend to do pulled pork in a slow cooker (recipes suggests half submerged in a vinegar+bbq+bouillon). I usually like to add sides in the pot while cooking, for example for lamb in the slow cooker, I would add potatoes after some time.

What vegetables/roots/beans can I add with the pulled pork? Is there a risk they absorb too much fat? If not, at what time can I add those?


  • Most root vegetables do well in a slow cooker (such as carrots, turnips, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and onions). Pulled pork is usually made with a tough-but-low-fat cut of meat, so there may not be much fat to absorb. But I haven't noticed vegetables absorbing fat in the slow cooker, even potatoes. Cherry tomatoes can be okay if you don't mind them being very soft. – csk yesterday

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