My pourover coffee pitcher just broke. Its the second time it does this this year, so i guess the maker of this pourover kit is making flimsy glass for their pitchers.

enter image description here

So is there a good replacement for those kinds of pitchers? What is important in a replacement? Does the mouth of the pitcher need to contain the whole filter? Do the sides really need to follow the filter?

Here is how the filter looks like enter image description here

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There are plenty of pour-over coffee funnels with a flared bottom so the funnel can sit on top of a normal pitcher, carafe or coffee cup.

enter image description here

So presumably the pitcher doesn't need to cover the sides of the funnel. Try using a mason jar or any similar heat-resistant container that the funnel fits into the mouth of. If you don't notice any flavor difference, then you know you don't need the glass sides.

There are also pour-over sets that use a stand to hold the funnel, for example:

enter image description here

You could probably improvise a stand. All it really needs is a ring for the funnel to sit in, and a stand to hold the ring the proper height over your pitcher or carafe. An erlenmeyer flask stand or a tripod for using over a bunsen burner would work, eg

enter image description here (This one is only 5" tall which might be a bit short, but taller ones are available.)

As moscafj pointed out, some carafes are made of boro-silicate glass so they can be used on the stovetop. If that is your intended use, be sure that your substitute carafe is stovetop-safe.

  • Chemex brand carafes are made from borosillicate glass, which allows them to be placed on a stove burner over low heat. If this is your practice, be sure to find a container that will be safe for this application.
    – moscafj
    Nov 30, 2020 at 12:26
  • If anybody lands on this question, here is what I did to fix my problem: I found a caraphe at Ikea that has the exact same size than my filter. So I guess if most filters have about the same diameter, it should fit for you too. ikea.com/ca/en/p/…
    – Fredy31
    Nov 18, 2021 at 20:51

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