I have started buying Kontos Pre-oiled Pita, and am super pleased with the product.

They taste great and also seem to last forever on the shelf.

.. but I have never heard of "oiling" pitas! Is this something that is done? I can not find any references out there for it on google.

Also, what do you think this oiling process is, and does it preserve the pita?


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It is really common to brush a pita with some oil prior to heating for an extra crispy treat. We sort of do that at my house, except be coat the heating device (a frying pan) with oil instead of the pita itself.

From kontos.com:

Pre-oiled Greatness

Our pre-oiled breads are infused with extra virgin olive oil for flexibility and rich taste.

So pre-oiled pitas have more flexibility, so to be more convenient for wraps, and pre-oiled pitas have a richer flavor and crisp better when heated.

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    Aha! Kontos, not Kronos. OP got the brand name wrong.
    – FuzzyChef
    Commented Jan 12, 2021 at 18:27
  • "Infused with" kind of implies the pitas are made without oil, then somehow soaked in oil to "infuse" them. But maybe the oil is just mixed into the dough like a normal ingredient, and "infused with" is BS marketing language.
    – csk
    Commented Jan 12, 2021 at 20:47

It looks to me like the "pre-oiled" label assumes that you're going to be freezing your pitas.

Food Service Direct, which sells frozen Kronos pitas, gives these instructions for preparing Kronos Frozen Original Flat Authentic Pita Bread:

Preparation instruction: Griddle (Thaw before use) -Pre-heat griddle to 350 degrees F -Lightly oil each side of pita -Heat each side for 30 seconds


Oiling a frozen pita (or adding oil to the pan) would certainly make it easier to defrost in a pan without burning.

I can't be sure that Kronos assumes, or suggests that you freeze your pitas, but I did find this Instacart listing for Kronos pre-oiled "gyro bread," which includes these instructions:

Warm in oven, microwave or on grill.

Keep frozen for maximum freshness.

I'd guess that those instructions come from the packaging, rather than from the seller.


This oiled pita is not getting flaky even days past w/c is ideal for stuffing and rolling it w/o breaking the bread.

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