My baking papers seem to absorb water a lot. Whenever I bake cookies with a bit wet batter such as lady fingers or cat's tongue, my cookies end up with a not flat but wavy bottom. Is that because of the type of baking papers I used or I did something wrong?

  • How long does it take you to pipe out a full tray of cookies? Is the paper wrinkled all over, or only under the cookies you piped first?
    – csk
    Jan 16, 2021 at 3:53
  • 1
    What kind of paper do you use?
    – GdD
    Jan 16, 2021 at 15:01
  • I used this one images.app.goo.gl/QKAwSxenoMKEqBnR8
    – Sean
    Jan 25, 2021 at 15:25
  • I notice the paper wrinkled under all cookies
    – Sean
    Jan 25, 2021 at 15:28

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Yes, I would say this is completely normal. It is how paper acts when in contact with liquids.

If you don't like the effect, don't use baking paper under the cookies.

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