What should I do if I forgot to dry off my fries before putting them in to bake?

And now they're seasoned and oiled up.

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    I appreciate that this question was asked in a hurry – if you have a chance to tidy it up and add some detail (what type of fries you are making, what your method was, etc) then it might be more useful for future readers. – dbmag9 Feb 15 at 9:14

Bake them anyway and accept that they might not be quite as good as they would otherwise be. A little extra moisture won't be fatal, and there's nothing you can easily do now. You could try patting them with a paper towel but it's likely to remove the seasoning more than it removes water.

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    Baking at a slightly higher temperature for a few minutes at first would also help evaporate off the water, which might let them crisp up more, like they normally would. – senschen Feb 15 at 15:36
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    How about opening the oven door very briefly periodically to let out excess steam? – stevec Feb 15 at 22:49
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You can still attempt to dry them with a hair dryer. This may sound weird to some people, but it's a thing, and I've done this once or twice when I'm having trouble drying foods.

enter image description here Source

To avoid oil or seasoning from flying off of your fries, I recommend using the lowest setting on your hairdryer, or keep it a fair distance away from the fries when drying them.

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    if they're already oiled I imagine water will have a hard time evaporating off until the oil's already blown away – Tristan Feb 15 at 16:26

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