Do you guys have any idea how much I am craving a good old piece of lasagne. Since my girlfriend is vegan I wanna make the lasagne her way, of you now what I mean.

So any ideas how to best substitute the meat and still get the amazing lasagne taste we all love?

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    Feb 18 at 22:06
  • Moscafj, you can't do this to me!
    – Josef Bing
    Feb 18 at 22:13
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    Feb 18 at 22:24
  • All good man! No hard feelings ;)
    – Josef Bing
    Feb 18 at 22:50

Holy Cow Vegan is a great site for vegan recipes. Check out their vegan lasagna recipe https://holycowvegan.net/classic-vegan-lasagna/

I have also used traditional lasagna recipes and substituted the cheese with a non-dairy alternative and if it calls for meat I've used a meat substitute such as ground meatless or mushrooms instead of meat.

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  • Thank you. I appreciate the advice.
    – Rosie
    Feb 19 at 13:52

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