I recently thawed a roast and put blood aside to use to add to gravy mix. Was this dangerous to do? It was brought to a boil.


You should be ok as long as it is properly cooked (boiled)

People will often (re)use juices from raw meat in sauces.

For example, you can use the leftover marinade as a base for a sauce.

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    It might be worth mentioning that (as far as I know) the liquid was almost certainly not blood; proper slaughter/butchery removes all the blood from meat and the pinkish liquid is a mixture of water and proteins. – dbmag9 Feb 23 at 18:57
  • @dbmag9 that's not entirely correct. Only perfusion would be capable of removing all blood. Proper slaughter removes almost all the blood in larger blood vessels, but is entirely incapable of removing it from things like capillaries. Storage of blood results in hemolysis, which releases hemoglobin to form the pink/red colour... it's still blood, just a different form. – bob1 Feb 23 at 19:55

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